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B&B Villa Sizzo Relais is located in Ravina, at about 5 kms from the center of Trento. The Relais is in the ancient medieval wing of the building, decorated with two Venetian- style mullioned windows.

The villa is an example of Renaissance architecture, with neoclassical elements. The main body is horseshoe-shaped, with a central building with an 18th-century-style fa├žade and two side wings. On the right stands the valuable 19th-century loggia decorated with stucco and frescoes.

Inside you can admire the precious hall, heated by an ancient marble fireplace, whose walls are covered with elegant tapestries and a coffered ceiling. Every detail reflects the ancient splendor of the noble family whose prestige grew hand in hand with that of the villa.

PRESTIGe of the VILLA in 1700
The height of the Sizzo family's political prestige was reached in the 18th century, when Cristoforo Sizzo was elected prince-bishop of Trento. The counts transformed the villa, enlarging and embellishing it. During the 19th century, Countess Marianna Sizzo added a large romantic-style garden.
the sizzo counts
From the early 17th century, the Sizzo counts spent the hot summer months there in pleasant activities in addition to taking care of farm work on the estates outside the city walls. Even today, the area of the village of Ravina, located at 265 m above sea level, is renowned as a land devoted to the production of high-quality wines.
VIew on the town of trento
You can still stroll in the shade of the ancient trees and look out from the viewpoint to enjoy a wide view of the city of Trento and the Adige Valley. Come explore the pleasant walks and healthy bike paths that make this area an experience to remember.
In the refined and cosy living room, embellished with Venetian mullioned windows, you can relax reading a book in the quiet of the centuries-old park surrounding the villa. 
the rooms
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the guest house
Nestled in the soothing tranquility of the greenery in the park, the guest house has the appearance of an old Swiss mountain chalet. In the past, it was the greenhouse where exotic plants were put to rest during the cold months. Upstairs guests used to meet in a intimate setting. Now, on the second floor, the old fireplace with a mask, and the large southeastern windows have been restored. There you can relive the charm of the past in a unique setting.